Let's All Go To Lucy's
Read Along with Limerick Below


in Limerick Form


written and read by



August 7, 2005



A reunion with all of our kin,

Young and old, short and tall, thick and thin.

We're discussing which Marquez

Is really the darquez,

And why Anglo genes always win!



We'll party until they arrest us,

Marquez, Ruybal, Newman, and Maestas,

And fight tooth and fang

With Banks, Lynch, and Lang

Over whose Grandma cookies are bestas!



It's part of the family saga

At reunions to drink ourselves gaga

With highballs and wine,

And Coronas with lime,

And whiskey and Pilsner and "laga."



You'll notice peculiar sensations

When plunged in a sea of relations.

Your confidence quails

As your character fails

The scrutiny of four generations!



This year you stayed home? That's okay,

For now you're discussed night and day.

It'd be such a shame

If everyone came,

And left us with nothing to say!



Most of the slanders and foibles

Are blamed on long-suffering Ruybals.

They'll look right at you,

Insist it ain't true,

And swear on a whole stack of Boibles.



Those noble, wise elders are actors

Their saintliness due to few factors--

To make your past pure

The strategy's sure--

You have to outlive your detractors!



We're sure you'll attend, we don't doubt you,

We won't have to threaten or clout you--

Next time that we gather

We know you would rather

Our gossip be to than about you!



A cheer for Louise and Joanne

Who came up with this wonderful plan!

They wined us and dined us

To gently remind us,

We're part of a helluva clan!

Thanks Elizabeth Both the Song and the Limerick are GREAT!!

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